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Below, you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions. These answers will help you better understand our policies, general guidelines and the best ways to get the most out of your time working with us.

How much will it cost to record my project?

Beyond our set RATES, every project is tailored to the needs of the artists. The efficiency of tracking depends on experience, rehearsal and preparation, how many songs, how many band members, etc. There is no hard or fast answer to this question. It depends on what YOU want as an artist.

Please CONTACT us about getting a custom quote for your project.

How long will it take to record my song/album?

We strive to balance efficiency with the demands of the creative process. We know your goal is the same as ours: to get your project finished in a timely manner, without it being a stressful nightmare. That said, your preparation before arrival is absolutely key. Obviously if you are writing new songs while with us, those will require more takes to perfect than years-old standards you’ve played a hundred times. On the other hand, if the spark of inspiration hits, we’re never going to say ‘leave that potential #1 single on the cutting room floor’.

As a very general guideline, you should probably allow at least 1 hour of tracking for every minute of a song’s length. We grant 1 complimentary hour of setup and teardown at the beginning and end of the tracking day. Basically, for each 4-minute song, allow for at least 6 hours of in-studio tracking.

Do you provide an engineer?

Yes. Our engineer is a recording-arts graduate with over a decade of hard-won experience in the studio and on the road. Having a professional engineer for your session is an asset that can make the difference between an “acceptable”  recording destined for “the circular file”, and a professional, polished, label-ready piece of art. The engineer is an essential part of your production process, a creative partner who will hone every aspect of your sound to absolute perfection.

Can I record at your studio and send it somewhere else to be mixed/mastered?

Absolutely! We love working with other members of the audio community and will gladly give you the highest quality recordings to hand off to another engineer. We can reach out to other engineers for mixing or mastering but cannot guarantee they will be able to accept your project. If you already have an engineer in mind for mixing and mastering, please let us know ahead of time, so we can reach out to them and discuss what files they would like sent over.

Can you mix or master tracks that were recorded somewhere else?

We are happy to work with artists at any point in their musical journey and from anywhere on the planet. Feel free to contact us HERE so we can give you or your engineer the appropriate information for transferring session files.

What gear does the studio have?

Our innovative techniques and matériel approach the bleeding edge of technology without making your costs prohibitively expensive. Feel free to contact us HERE about our current selection of gear.

Do you record in analog or digital?

Our studio is a 100% digital workspace, but we are happy to integrate analog equipment by special request.

What genres do you work with?

We work with artists of any and every musical persuasion.

Should I bring my own instruments/amps/etc. to the studio?

We encourage you to bring your own instruments, and we offer a selection of ready-to-use session equipment available without additional costs. When bringing your own instruments, please make sure that they are “Studio Ready”: tuned, new strings, new heads, no technical issues, or anything to impede the recording process.

How can I prepare for a session?

Preproduction at home is the most essential step to a healthy and productive studio experience. Be sure your writing and lyrics are finalized. Be ready to record with a metronome or click track. Practice highly technical songs at half time for precision. Make sure instruments and vocals are studio-ready and in tune with drums. Your valuable time is best spent recording and not writing or fixing issues.

What are your hours?

We do not take walk-ins. Contact us HERE to find out about booking a session. We are open 365 days a year.

Can I bring friends to my recording session?

We love having people in the studio, but due to limited space, we prefer that only the artist(s) attend recording sessions. You may contact us in advance for approval of a +1.

Can I smoke/drink in the studio?

The studio is smoke-free but has a designated smoking area outside. We advise against drinking in the studio as it can be counterproductive to the work being done.

What happens to my files after recording?

Studio-quality audio files are very large and demand a lot of drive space. Your files will need to be backed up and removed from our server. You will be given options in which to accomplish this depending on the size of your files and the most economic way of storing them. For example, if you only did one song with just an acoustic guitar and solo voice, a simple CD-R back-up may suffice. For your own convenience, we always recommend an artist/band brings an external hard drive (100GB or larger) to transfer files on completion of the project, but we will find solutions where necessary. Files must be transferred to you within 30 days of project completion.

Beyond brief samples, any files are transferred only upon payment in full.

Do you offer lodging?

Lodging varies depending on the time of year and how many people will be in the studio. We work with several local hospitality providers, and you can always contact us HERE about providing accommodations